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Instrument Overview:

Announcing Solaris v5.0, a new, more powerful Solaris plug-in for Scope systems. With over 100 new parameters, Solaris v5.0 promises to surpass anything else in this format for function and flexibility. Incorporating the best ideas of most of my previous synths (starting with the Orion Custom), plus some additions as requested by the beta testers, the Solaris is the most full-featured synth I've designed to date. The signal sources provide a wide variety of choices: Multimode Oscs, Wave Tables, CEMs, RD Modules, WAV (sample) playback, FM Operators...even create your own with the Modular sections!

Here's a listing of the changes in Solaris version 5.0:

1) Envelope time control by MIDI Clocks (BPM option) - Each envelope can be switched to select timing values based on MIDI clocks/BPM values.
2) Mixer Insert FX - Each Mixer now has a selection of effects that can be inserted into the signal path pre- or post-filter.
3) VCA Output page - Each Mixer now has a page providing flexible assignment and modulation for the Amplifier section.
4) 4 Separate Amp (VCA) sections - Related to item #3, there are now 4 separate Amp modules (previously there was only one amp module for the entire synth). This allows for even greater sound design for each mixer/filter path, giving you the architecture of essentially 4 synths within each Preset.
5) Stereo Formant Filter - Located after the polyphonic outputs but before the Flanger, Delay, EQ and Overdrive, a new Formant Filter section is provided for vowel and other formant sounds.
6) x Mult sections - New x Multiplier modules all you to multiply a selectable input source by itself up to 5 x. Great for extremely punchy envelopes!
7) VibLFO page 3 - Control of the Vibrato LFO amount can be selected from a list other than the Mod Wheel. Also, modulation of rate and depth, as with the other lfos, is provided.
8) Response Tables added for Mod Wheel and Aftertouch - Similar to the Velocity table, new controller tables have been added for Mod Wheel and Aftertouch.
9) New per Oscillator Glide - A new panel offering modulatable logarithmic glide amounts for each oscillator source. You can also control all Osc 1s or Osc 2s with the same rate. In addition, you can modulate the glide time with sources such as velocity and Mod Wheel!
10) New Global page for all Filter Keytrack controls - All 4 filter keytrack amounts are now visible and editable from a single panel.
11) Independent Input selects for the filters - All 4 filter inputs are no longer 'hardwired' to their own mixers. Each filter can now select from any Mixer or Filter for signal input, making series configurations easier.

I hope you will agree these additions make this incredible synthesizer even more flexible and powerful!

New users can purchase the Solaris v5.0 via ShareIt from my Zarg Music Shop here. Price is 299 EUR


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