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Instrument Overview:

A 'spin-off' device from my Quantum Wave synth (which was originally commissioned by Hans Zimmer to recreate his Waldorf Wave), it's basically one of the four Instruments that is contained in the larger Quantum Wave, with the addition of the Global and FX parameters that are normally part of the Performance presets. This SE version does not use Performance presets, but does have the ability to load any of the other preset lists of the Quantum Wave (FX, Looping EG, Instruments). For those who have smaller Scope DSP systems and still want to enjoy the sound of the Waldorf oscillators and functionality of the Wave design, the Quantum Wave SE is the ideal choice! I was able to get polyphony of up to 15 voices in my 23 DSP system, indicating roughly about 8-9 voices for a 6 DSP board.

Price is 125 EUR/$160 USD. For European sales, please contact me at info@johnbowen.com for further information regarding purchase and availability. North American customers please use the PayPal Buy Now button:


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