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Instrument Overview:

The Proph@t Plus is my customised version of the Prophet synthesizer. It features a number of additional functions compared to the original hardware unit, include Highpass and Bandpass filters, effects, Wav Oscillators for sample playback, and a number of performance functions for use with Aftertouch and Velocity. For a screenshot, click. Read Sound On Sound's June 2003
review of my Prophet Plus here.

Recently some talk on Planet Z raised my interest in developing more sophisticated modules for use in the Scope Modular system. I have taken the Proph@t Plus and modified it as shown to work as a module within a standard Scope Modular II or III. This greatly expands upon the older Prophet style structure by adding a patchable connect bay for direct access to a wide variety of functions.

Purchase of the Proph@t Plus System can be done via ShareIt by clicking here

Price for the Proph@t Plus System (regular + Modular) is 149 EUR.
You receive the synth as both a regular device, and a module for use in your standard Scope Modular system.



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