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Solaris v5.0

I've just finished the next big upgrade to the already powerful Solaris. With over 100 new parameters, Solaris v5.0 promises to surpass anything else on the market for function and
flexibility. Incorporating the best ideas of most of my previous synths (starting with the Orion Custom), plus some additions as requested by the beta testers, the Solaris is the most
full-featured synth I've designed to date. The signal sources provide a wide variety of choices: Multimode Oscs, Wave Tables, CEMs, RD Modules, WAV (sample) playback, FM Operators...even create your own with the Modular sections!

Quantum Wave SE

A 'spin-off' device from my Quantum Wave synth (which was originally commissioned by Hans Zimmer to recreate his Waldorf Wave), it's basically one of the four Instruments that is contained in the larger Quantum Wave, with the addition of the Global and FX parameters that are normally part of the Performance presets. This SE version does not use Performance presets, but does have the ability to load any of the other preset lists of the Quantum Wave (FX, Looping EG, Instruments). For those who have smaller Scope DSP systems and still want to enjoy the sound of the Waldorf oscillators and functionality of the Wave design, the Quantum Wave SE is the ideal choice! I was able to get polyphony of up to 15 voices in my 23 DSP system, indicating roughly about 8-9 voices for a 6 DSP board.

Pro-Wave v1.2.1

An expanded version of the authentic emulation of a legendary instrument, Pro-Wave takes everything the Prophet Plus has to offer and adds multiple filter choices and Waldorf-style wavetables! It includes all of the previous improvements, such as:  
1) both Rev1 and Rev3 Prophet filter emulations (CEM & SSM), as well as the Minimax Lowpass filter  
2) Midi clocking of the Loop Envelope  
3) Extended Midi times for sync - up to 8 bars/1 cycle  
4) Note and Mod Wheel added to PolyMod Source lists  
5) Enable switch and Sensitivity added for Mod Wheel  
6) Panning circuit from Solaris added.  

Pro-One v3.0

I had a customer contact me about buying the old Pro One plug-in I made (for Wine Country) some time ago, and shortly after I sold it to him, he wrote to ask if I could add some highpass and bandpass filters. I asked him did he want 24dB or 12 dB slope filters? He came back with, "yes"....for both! So, I added the filters, including the SSM and Minimoog emulations, plus a new filter select parameter.   

Quantum Wave

Based on the functional design of the Waldorf Wave, using the Creamware Waldorf oscillators and the LP filter from the Pro One emulation (with an additional 12 dB HP filter). It is structured as a 4-part synth, meaning there are 4 individual synths inside the device. Stereo Flanger and Delay are included, or you can route each of the four synths separately from 4 Aux outputs.


Ambient RD

The Ambient synthesizer has extensive modulating capabilities and comes with eight sound sources, a pair of multimode filters, built-in effects and stereo effects rack. Initially designed with evolving, sustained pad sounds in mind, this synth provides you with a broad scope of stunning sounds.  

Orion Custom

A traditional virtual analogue instrument. With additional features like Crossmodulation, Filter FM, Parallel Lowpass-, Highpass-, Bandpass- and Comb-Filter, "U Know 007" Oscillator, hard sync, overdrive and internal flanger, delay effects make Orion Custom become valuable completion to your SONIC CORE PLATFORM System.  

CombPlus Pro

2 Oscillators (morphing from sine to saw), a multimode filter, a Comb filter, 3 envelopes, 2 LFOs, mono and stereo insert FX racks, 3 band EQ, stereo Delay...this efficient synth packs a lot of sound for very little DSP. Updated with the new-style preset list and paged surface sections. 

Red Dwarf

Introducing the updated Red Dwarf EX v3.0 Semi-Modular system. This concept provides a basic 'synthesizer shell', into which a variety of oscillators, filters, and effects modules can be put together by the user, within certain structural limitations. Using the modulation and signal routing from that device as the basic 'shell', the user can insert any two sound sources and any two filters in the SLOTS provided to create his own 'custom' design.

RD Drum

RD Drum. An 8 channel, 16 step sequencer drum box with fully user-definable instruments! Uses the RD (Red Dwarf) concept of inserting whatever modules you want for each of the eight positions. The RD Drum comes with 32 RD Drum modules, and has a very flexible step sequencer. Patterns can be polymetric or polyrhythmic, as you like!   

Rotor EX

For those of you familiar with my older "Rotor" products, this has almost all of the previous functions of those, with an added level of modulation capability unavailable with the earlier designs. With a total of 16 oscillators (with a variety of types, including sample playback), two extended mode filters, 4 envelopes (one 8-stage looping env), 2 LFOs, stereo panning, ring modulation, a modulation matrix of 4 mod paths, and a total of 5 Rotor objects in the system, the Rotor EX is suitable for expansive sound layers and textures, strange and organic, with FM possibilities as well as other hybrid structures.  

Proph@t Plus - Available again

The Proph@t Plus is my customised version of the Prophet synthesizer. It features a number of additional functions compared to the original hardware unit, include Highpass and Bandpass filters, effects, Wav Oscillators for sample playback, and a number of performance functions for use with Aftertouch and Velocity. For a screenshot, click. Read Sound On Sound's June 2003 review of my Prophet Plus here.

The Proph@t Plus now comes with both the regular and Modular version (seen above) as a complete system. Purchase of the Proph@t Plus System can be done via a verified account with PayPal to my address, jb@johnbowen.com.

Dark Star

Dark Star is a subtractive synth "powerhouse", equipped with almost every type of filter available. Additionally, a Parallel Output Panel and a Free Filter Bank make this instrument one of the most versatile and flexible ones of its kind. A great synth for "big & beefy" bass sounds, heavy processing of external input signals or WAV samples, and anything that requires massive subtractive filtering. Now as version 3.0 with many additional features.   

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