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Solaris Core

I'm excited to introduce a new version of my acclaimed Solaris synth, the Solaris Core. This synth consists of the core elements used in most of the original Solaris factory presets. It also is presented in a size that easily fits 1024 x 768 screen resolution. There are 4 of my RDX Oscillator sections, each of which can select from six different oscillator types. Here's a screen shot showing the RDX2 oscillator's type menu:

Although Solaris Core has but 2 filter sections (reduced from 4 on the regular Solaris), the filter types have been expanded. Here's a link to a second screen shot showing the filter types list:

If you've been waiting to buy the full Solaris, the Core version is a great alternative choice, with the ability to play approximately 90% of the original Solaris presets - and, at a price that makes it easier than ever to own a Solaris product - 129 Euros!

For a Demo version, or more information, please contact me at info@johnbowen.com.

Solaris Core Price is 129 EUR. To purchase, click here.

Modular Proph@t Plus Now Available!

Recently some talk on Planet Z raised my interest in developing more sophisticated modules for use in the Scope Modular system. I have taken the Proph@t Plus and modified it as shown to work as a module within a standard Scope Modular II or III. This greatly expands upon the older Prophet style structure by adding a patchable connect bay for direct access to a wide variety of functions.

Price for the Proph@t Plus System (regular + Modular) is 149 EUR.
You receive the synth as both a regular device, and a module for use in your standard Scope Modular system.

Purchase of the Proph@t Plus System can be done via a verified account with PayPal to my address, jb@johnbowen.com.
ShareIt purchases are also possible by clicking here.

Proph@t Plus Available Again!

The Proph@t Plus is my customised version of the Prophet synthesizer. It features a number of additional functions compared to the original hardware unit, include Highpass and Bandpass filters, effects, Wav Oscillators for sample playback, and a number of performance functions for use with Aftertouch and Velocity. For details click here.

Read Sound On Sound's June 2003 review of my Prophet Plus here.

The Proph@t Plus now comes with both the regular and Modular version (seen above) as a complete system. Purchase of the Proph@t Plus System can be done via a verified account with PayPal to my address, jb@johnbowen.com.
ShareIt purchases are also possible by clicking here.

Rotor EX And Rotor 48
The Rotor EX is now available (see purchase link below). It is capable of some very broad and expansive soundscapes - I've posted some sound examples on the MP3 Demo page. Suffice it to say, there's been some very strange and wonderful sounds coming out of this!
I did go back into the Rotor 48 and updated it to have RD slots and a few other really simple improvements - and it is also now available as an included synth in the Rotor EX package. This means for the price of 125 Euros, you get both synths - the Rotor EX, and the updated Rotor 48!

Available now; package price is 125 Euros - click here to purchase.

You can see a screen shot of the Rotor EX here.
Listen to some MP3 examples at the Demo page here.
Ambient RD
In response to the increasing number of RD compatible modules (see SpaceF announcement below), I've taken the current version of the Ambient (v3.1) and converted it into an RD version. The four main oscillator sections and the two filters are replaced with RD slots, allowing the user to customize the architecture of the signal path. You can see a screen shot of it here.

The Ambient RD requires the RD Modules series II to play the factory presets, but will work with SpaceF satellites when creating your own custom presets. Price for the Ambient RD is 60 Euros, or you can purchase a bundle of the Ambient RD with RD modules (normally 65 Euros) for a price of 125 Euros.

To purchase just the Ambient RD, click here.

To purchase the Ambient RD Bundle, click here.

Announcing - RD compatible modules from SpaceF

Many new oscillator and filter modules are available now from SpaceF. They have done a fantastic job creating a number of satellite modules that are compatible with the RD system (RD compatible synths are Solaris, Ambient RD, Dark Star v3, Red Dwarf EX, Rotor 48RD, Rotor Jr., and RD Drum). Please check here to learn more: http://www.spacef.com.
You can now use PayPal as a way to purchase Zarg Music products. Just use jb@johnbowen.com as your payee address.
The RD Drum


Price is 125 EUR, and includes some 32 RD Drum modules, including an updated RD version of ClapLab from Wolfgang Rueter. You can order by clicking here. There is also a bundle of the RD Drum and the RD series II modules. The modules normally sell for 65 EUR, but the bundle price for both is 150 EUR. You can purchase the bundle here.

The RD Drum, when fully loaded, requires an average of 4 DSPs. Owners of Luna and Pulsar I cards are advised that full functionality will be limited.
Many thanks to Wolfgang Reuter, who created most of the factory presets for the RD Drum, and also made a number of suggestions for improved functioning of the device. Check the Links page for his Web site, 'wolf audio design'. Thanks, Wolfgang!

Here's additional screen shots:

1) RD Drum Sequencer page
2) alternate channel display for Delay parameters (slots 1 3 are switched)

Here's a number of audio examples, hosted by Ben Walker:

1) basic set 06.MP3

2) Dance1.MP3

3) Funky1.MP3

4) DrumAndBass.MP3

5) Popmachine.MP3

6) LaRDy.MP3
Updated Rotor Jr v2.0.

This is my most affordable RD-compatible device ($49), and now comes with multimode oscillators installed. This means the basic unit can produce sound without the need to purchase the RD series II module pack, however, a number of presets do require them. Each of the 4 oscillators can produce sound from 1 of 4 sources: the Multimode osc, the RD Insert Slot, a Wav osc (sample playback) or an External Input. Also implemented is the new style preset list and XTC Mode. To purchase, click here.

Here is one example of what the Rotor Jr. can do: Rotor Jr. Demo#1 (703 KB)

Now released - Version 3.0 - an updated, more powerful version of the Red Dwarf EX

If you've been waiting for a powerful but more affordable semi-modular synth, version 3.0 of the Red Dwarf EX may just be the ticket! Here's a list of the changes to this ground-breaking synthesizer (originally released in November 2000):

1) Utilizes the new format preset list; smaller device size, faster preset loading
2) Easier to use interface - all surfaces have been remapped as 'paging surfaces', except for LFO1 2.
3) Expanded Mod Matrix allowing full view of all 8 mod paths, with added modulation paths of the Mod Amounts themselves.
4) Now with separate amount levels for each LFO mod path.
5) Added Global system functions such as intelligent Unison mode, low/high note assignment, and legato mode.
6) Included Flanger and Delay effects.
7) Additional mod matrix sources, such as Osc1/2 and Filter 1/2, for digital feedback effects.

Price - 125 Euros...which includes the RD series II module pack (a 65 Euro value)! Purchase HERE.
Previous Red Dwarf EX owners can purchase the upgrade for $40 HERE.

For details, please see this description of the Red Dwarf concept.

Updated RD Modules series II released

The latest in the RD Module series is now available. These 77 modules allow you to greatly expand the functions of any current Zarg Music semi-modular synth, which include the Red Dwarf EX, Rotor 48 RD, Rotor Jr., Dark Star v3.0, and Solaris. In addition, if you are a registered owner of the Creamware Modular II/III system, or have the Flexor Modular set, you can make use of most of those Modular modules within your Zarg Music semi-modular synth!

Price is EUR 65.00, available here. If you already own the RD series I, please email me for a special discount coupon to upgrade to series II.

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