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Welcome to Zarg Music's OASYS PCI page!

ANNOUNCING: The Orion synth for OASYS is finally available as a shareware item. Please access the files (.zip or .sit) here:

  Zarg Orion.sit
Fri Nov 1 2002 08:22  204  KB
  Zarg Orion.zip
Fri Nov 1 2002 08:22  225  KB

This shareware version for $50 can be purchased here: Orion for OASYS.
Your support is appreciated!!

Special thanks to Joe F. and Ben Walker for the additional programs and Multis!

Regarding Harm Visser's OASYS PCI plugins - Harm's stuff is incredibly well thought out and musical. I have been proud to help him have a place to start in the plugin business. He has now established his own Web site, listed below. The links to some of his MP3 files will remain here. Good Luck, Harm!

From Harm Visser: "Hi John, this is stunning. It's a guitar solo played by Michael McInnis. I have worked quite a time on this model, I think it's rather unique, because you can *really* play this guitar!" Check it out!!

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