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Instrument Overview:

Someone recently requested an older synth of mine, called the CombPlusPro. This synth formed the basis of the Red Dwarf product, and still retains its own interesting character, so I decided to update it with the new format preset list, Effects Bypass, Master Volume and Poly Level, and paging the many popup surfaces. It's pretty compact and DSP-efficient as well. 2 Oscillators (morphing from sine to saw), a multimode filter, a Comb filter, 3 envelopes, 2 LFOs, mono and stereo insert FX racks, 3 band EQ, stereo Delay...this efficient synth packs a lot of sound for very little DSP. Updated in 2006 with the new-style preset list and paged surface sections. 

You can purchase the CombPlusPro v3_0 for 49 EUR



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