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Instrument Overview:

The Ambient synthesizer has extensive modulating capabilities and comes with eight sound sources, a pair of multimode filters, built-in effects and stereo effects rack. Initially designed with evolving, sustained pad sounds in mind, this synth provides you with a broad scope of stunning sounds.

In response to the increasing number of RD compatible modules (see SpaceF announcement below), I've taken the current version of the Ambient (v3.1) and converted it into an RD version. The four main oscillator sections and the two filters are replaced with RD slots, allowing the user to customize the architecture of the signal path.

The Ambient RD requires the RD Modules series II to play the factory presets, but will work with SpaceF satellites when creating your own custom presets. Price for the Ambient RD is 60 Euros, or you can purchase a bundle of the Ambient RD with RD modules (normally 65 Euros) for a price of 125 Euros.

To purchase just the Ambient RD, click here.

To purchase the Ambient RD Bundle, click here.

Announcing - RD compatible modules from SpaceF

Many new oscillator and filter modules are available now from SpaceF. They have done a fantastic job creating a number of satellite modules that are compatible with the RD system (RD compatible synths are Solaris, Ambient RD, Dark Star v3, Red Dwarf EX, Rotor 48RD, Rotor Jr., and RD Drum). Please check here to learn more: http://www.spacef.com


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